Save Money by Installing Concrete Wheel Stops and Other Recycled Tires at Your Parking Facilities

Concrete wheel stops are designed with four main materials: steel, aluminum, plastic and concrete. But the most preferred are metal and plastic since they're the most practical and economical choices in a short-term standpoint. Metal wheel stops are more practical because they can be reused over again. Moreover, metal wheels don't need to be polished, thus they resist rust damage. Plastic wheel stops, on the other hand, are durable and inexpensive, but they do not offer the same benefits as other types of stop.
Most metal wheel stops coming in precast form. These are available in different sizes and configurations. For instance, you can purchase a set of four, twelve or twenty-four wheel stops, depending on how many vehicles you want to service at one time. Get more info on the source. In addition, precast concrete wheel stops cost less than other options such as the installation of internal rebar pin and hydraulic cylinder.
The advantages of using metal or plastic wheel stops are very clear. They provide a high level of reliability and durability, which will increase the life of your fleet. Furthermore, these heavy duty stops also come with a host of attractive features. They include heavy duty steering system, electronic brake lights, automatic transmission, power folding, electronic speed gauges, hood-mounted radio antenna, rain top bucket, non-tip mechanism, etc. Steel wheel stop manufacturers design these stops based on the weight and loading requirement of different vehicles. Therefore, you can purchase the right one according to the vehicle configuration.
However, even though rubber wheel stops cost less than the metal ones, you still need to buy them according to your vehicle's loading capacity. If you're going to use a standard size parking lot then you don't have to worry about the cost of fitting the stops. However, if you're using a special size or custom-made concrete wheel stop then you might have to spend extra money for its installation. Get more info on this videos. It's always advisable to contact a trusted automobile maintenance company for this purpose.
Since the prices of metal or plastic wheel stops are on the rise, many people are looking for greener options. Nowadays there are a number of companies that manufacture plastic or metal wheel stop products using recycled tires. Moreover, you can easily find recycled tires for parking facilities at discount rates. Recycled tires can help you cut down on costs since you won't need to buy new tires for your parking facilities when they're already in place. Apart from this, recycled tires are also more durable and suitable for long-term use.
Another advantage of using rubber wheel stops and other recycled tires is the fact that they help reduce your dependence on petroleum. The average asphalt parking garage contains about 300 gallons of oil. Using recycled rubber stoppers will significantly decrease the amount of petroleum needed to lubricate your parking garages. Apart from this, since most stoppers are round, they provide rounded protection to the surfaces of your parking garages. Learn more from

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