Recycled Tires and Wheel Stop - Can You Save Money With Concrete Wheel Stops?

"Concrete, truck and auto wheel stops" is how many people begin the explanation of this integral part of our daily life. In fact it's not even the most popularly known name for this important component of the mechanical structure that underlies much of the country. That honor currently goes to "wheels," which is what these devices are called. Other names are commonly used as well.
There are two basic types of concrete wheel stops. One is made out of rubber, the other of steel. Most are designed so that they can be locked in place and never come loose. A few are designed as a full replacement for the regular metal stop. To get more info, click These epoxy and rubber stops are then painted to match the color of the underlying roadbed material.
When people think about concrete wheel stops they tend to picture something very simple. A metal circular device about the size of a large pizza box with three or four circular plates affixed to it. There are usually holes drilled into the side of the device to allow the tires to spin easily. In addition to the wheels there are typically some kind of reinforcement around the tires. This reinforces the rubber on the wheels so that they don't slip around.
These are basically simple devices that are designed to keep cars and other vehicles from getting bogged down when parking. As I said, though, there are lots of different styles. One style is designed to be a more permanent solution than the typical rubber precast concrete wheel stops on most parking lots. These devices are designed as a set on the surface of the parking lot itself.
Another type of recycled tires and wheel stops are made like outdoor play equipment for kids. Click this site to get more info. These are a great alternative to the regular rubber wheel stops because the designs and patterns are really designed to make kids want to use them. Some of these have colorful characters on the tires, while others just have simple outlines of shapes on the rubber.
Recycled rubber wheel stops and concrete are pretty easy to find online. If you are looking for a specific style, though, you may need to go to your local hardware store and look at the display shelf. Many people are turning to these as an alternative to the more traditional materials because they are so inexpensive and can be made in bulk. Of course, like all DIY projects, it is always good to call in a professional whenever you are making any type of permanent changes to anything. Learn more from

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